Things are simpler than Conventional Reality believes.

Catholic Fundamentalism believes that most European peoples are descended from The Twelve Tribes. Many recall that the Ten Northern Tribes were deported from their homeland in Israel about 720 B.C. They were taken North. Over time, those Ten Tribes spread out over Europe and the Middle East.

Some made it to India, where the highest caste, Brahmins, have a name denoting their ancestor, Abraham.

Many from The Tribes had been migrating for centuries. The latest wave of deportations offered a chance for the Scythians, Goths, and many Celtic Tribes to establish their own nations in Europe.

Catholic Fundamentalism believes that The Roman Catholic Church reunited those of the Tribes who would be saved. There is confirmation of the Tribal ancestors on some maps, where lands named after Gad and Simon were carved out of England.

The Bible helps us to the same conclusion. Today’s Reading is from the Book of James, 1: 1.

“James, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ, to the twelve tribes in the dispersion, greetings.”

So, a Disciple explains where a major evangelical effort is directed. The early Catholic Church specifically mentions a focus 0n the Twelve Tribes.

Things are simpler than Conventional Reality believes.