For a quarter century, Catholic Fundamentalism has been exploring the idea that we may see God’s power better by combining the ancient traditions and teachings of The Roman Catholic Church with the great faith of Protestant Fundamentalists. We begin combining the two traditions by thinking of God as “The Unprogrammed Programmer”.

Catholic Fundamentalism applies that description to St. Thomas Aquinas’s “Unmoved Mover”: The Unprogrammed Programmer programmed both spirits and particles. He compiled them into systems. Then, He downloaded The Creation Program with amazing speed. Each one of us is a beloved individual program operating within the vastness of His Creation Program.

Catholic Fundamentalism recognizes that The Unprogrammed Programmer programmed and downloaded an entire universe that looks, sounds, smells, and feels just the way it does. He and His angelic sub-Programmers downloaded solids, liquids, and gases with what we imagine as 3-D fractals, pixels in three dimensions.

Why did He go to all the trouble of programming and downloading layers of fossils, innumberable far-off objects in space, the appearance of continental drift, seams of rock and coal, and every other complexity we are so proud of finding and studying before vainly using that “new knowledge” to “prove” that God had nothing to do with it? He wanted to give human beings, His most beloved and complicated programs, free will. All the programmed complexities exist to give every person in every generation the freedom to believe and obey or disbelieve and disobey.

The Bible is His Programming Log. There’s an Old Programming Log and a New Programming Log. The Programming Logs, written with Iron Age vocabularies that are increasingly out of touch with modern technology, tell us what He has programmed. The Programming Logs make it clear that He is our Father and that He loves us. As we more clearly see The Unprogrammed Programmer’s immense power, we may more easily choose to draw ourselves closer to Him.

As we get closer to Him, we automatically see the hollowness of God-denying theories and the perennial false alarmism so beloved by those who want us to put other gods before Him. As we move toward Him, He helps us understand that our soul is the most important thing that any of us have and that bringing our soul to Him is the most important thing we can do during our days in the clay.

To be worth considering, a new way of looking at the world must give better answers to old questions. In the “Books and excerpts” section of this site, there’s a volume, “New Road to Rome”. Download it at no cost. On page 115, you’ll see, at long last, the answer to “Who actually wrote Shakespeare’s plays?”

After you’ve discovered who really wrote Shakespeare’s plays, scroll back to page 4 in that book, and learn what “words” really are. It’s amazing that billions of us have used words all our lives and only a handful of Catholic Fundamentalists actually understand their basic nature.

Elsewhere on the header, you’ll find, and may enjoy, The Lie Committee. Learn about “tomorrow’s lies, today”. Each Lie Committee makes up the latest smokescreens to further the other side’s cash flows and goals. The Lie Committee is an ongoing soap opera that both reflects and predicts the sea of lies through which we swim.

Almost every day, the, “Columns” section relates Catholic Fundamentalism to the world around us.

When all is said and done, Catholic Fundamentalism is the newest approach to The Church since Pascal invented Probability Theory and applied it to choosing a religion. When viewed through the lens of Catholic Fundamentalism, every single teaching of the Roman Catholic Church makes perfect sense, as does some of the great faith of the Protestant Fundamentalist. Soon, we see that the teachings of Roman Catholic Church, combined with Fundamentalist’s faith in the accuracy of Genesis in describing Creation, makes more sense than anything else in all Creation.

Two key points and a question:

First point: Your guardian angel can help you remember: “God programmed spirits and particles. He compiled them into beings, structures, and systems to give human beings free will.” It’s helpful to remember that basic thought.

Those who conclude that God could not have programmed Creation the way Genesis describes, or, that, if He is real, He couldn’t be that powerful, are limiting Him by their own vanities, always the pathway to eternal pain.


About the Author

Raised as a Presbyterian, the developer of Catholic Fundamentalism combined his senior year of high school with his first year of college at St. Bede’s School and Monastery in Peru, IL. There, he discovered, and never forgot, Chesterton, the brilliant convert of the early 1900s. After reading his poem, “Lepanto”, he better understood the ancient and ongoing battle between good and evil. The good Benedictine monks also made sure that students read Aquinas. Between Chesterton and Aquinas, he got a glimpse into, and never forgot, the heart and mind of The Church.

After graduating from Ripon College, he enlisted and then graduated from the Infantry Officers’ Candidate School at Fort Benning, followed by service in the US and in South Vietnam.

He liked to read, and thought libraries were a good place to do that. After an honorable discharge, he got an advanced degree in Library and Information Science from the University of Pittsburgh, followed by a few years of work as a Children’s Librarian in inner city schools.

As a Children’s Librarian, he memorized the fairy tales to tell them to students. After immersing himself in them as an adult, he started to believe them. “People can actually kill giants.”

In a few years, he realized that Public Education had little to do with either.

After inheriting ten thousand dollars from his Grandfather, he left his tenured position and began manufacturing, in the United States, products he invented and developed.

As his business developed, he found himself drawn closer to The Church into which he was received in his early thirties.

He has 155 U.S. and foreign patents, but realizes that his greatest discovery is having been led to realize that “God can program energies and particles and compile them into hierarchies of systems and beings.” He is grateful for the opportunity to explore that captivating concept. His favorite section of this site is “A History of India”, in the short, happy monographs section.