The God in The Mirror

Some choose The Only Church Jesus Founded.   Others worship The God in The Mirror.  An ambitious Protestant man with a Marketing Plan has a church for them among their 43,000 denominations.

Catholics obey Church teachings handed down from The Apostles.  Those who worship The God in The Mirror prefer inklings and desires that better “Fit my needs.”

Divorce and remarriage?  “The Church has too many rules.  Love and happiness are the most important things of all.”

Do we have a duty to help The Church stop the killing of 3,500 unborn babies every day?  “There are many meanings in ‘love thy neighbor’.   I do love my neighbors, but in my own way, the way Jesus wants me to.

Is it important to obey the teachings of The Church Jesus Founded?   “The Catholic Church is out of touch with my needs.  I feel a deep desire to make Jesus and The Bible relevant to today’s concerns.”

Aren’t many things more important than wealth, fame, and status?   “It is important to be fulfilled.  My Jesus loves me, and He wants us to be happy.”

Jesus tells us “If you do not eat My Body and drink My Blood you do not have life in you.”  Don’t we need to receive Catholic Communion?    “Jesus didn’t really mean all that.  He just wants us to be good.  I am a good person.”

The depth and profundity of The Catholic Church are apparent in its unchanging teachings.  “I’m deep and profound, too.  Really, I am.” reply those who worship The God in The Mirror.  “I’m smart, too.”