“Believe Babylon, not Jews and Christians!”


Four thousand years ago, Babylonians began making astronomical observations. Priests discovered: “We can predict the next eclipse!” That provided the illusion that State employees were right on other things, like child sacrifice. “Believe Babylon, not Jews and Christians!” became Babylon’s command for four thousand years.

An Historical Constant: In every age, theories provided by every Babylon’s priestly caste of astronomers, geologists, and evolutionists undermine belief in anything more powerful than Babylon. Today, priests of Babylon call themselves “scientists”. “We know a lot. You can trust us. The Universe began with a ‘big bang’ twenty billion years ago. Those who believe in God are superstitious and uneducated.”

Catholic Fundamentalism has a bulldozer that breaks through Babylon’s walls: “God programs in 3-D pixels. Different kinds of 3-D pixels became elements. He complied them into compounds, systems, and beings. His most complicated beings are His Beloved Free Will Programs.”

“What! How could that be?” ask Babylonians, not really wanting to know but realizing they absolutely have to undermine this “absurd notion”.

“The Loving Programmer wrote and downloaded The Creation Program like a huge movie. Its stage props and set decorations are copied and pasted to form what appear to be billions of galaxies freewheeling through The Space Program. On earth, The Program was re-written with a Big Flood that downloaded layers of rock, fossils, carbon-14, and all that you Babylonians would ever need to “prove” that God did not exist, except as some far-off uncaring being with no earthly concerns.”

“That’s impossible!”, say Babylonians even as they realize they are unable to respond with any rational objection to this greater understanding of God’s Power to Program in Particles in such a way all would have free will and no none would be forced to believe in Him

We, who are familiar with computers, more easily see how believable Catholic Fundamentalism is to suggest “God programs in particles.” We realize that The Loving Programmer gave theories about accidental nature of The Creation Program some credibility by its sheer density. There are more water molecules in a cup of water than there are cups of water in the all the oceans. “No one can be that smart!” they cry in anguish, no matter what tiny bit of The Creation Program they examine in detail.

The Creation Program provides freedom at the same time it mandates that we each make a choice. Before Judgment, each person must choose. Each will sufficiently believe and obey the astonishing teachings of He Who fulfilled prophecies predicting Him, against mathematical odds of quadrillions to one, or not. Each human program must choose to love, or to hate, God and our neighbors.

The corrupting virus began by hating God. Then, he hated Adam and Eve, God’s first free-will programs. Then, Cain killed Abel. Then, Babylon came and killed all it could. First Babylon hated Jews. Then, Christians. Now, Babylon hates Pro-Life Catholics most of all.

It’s the way things are.