Today’s common creed: “Cash is King!”

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Studies suggest that, of 250,000 Protestant churches, 200,000 are stagnant or declining. 43,000 Protestant groups and denominations are desperate for donors. Today’s common creed? “Cash is King!” among the semi-Christian Babylonians.

The cry for cash is understandable. It’s been estimated that “4,000 churches close their doors every single year.” Today, the need for donors forces semi-Christian Babylonians to bow before the gods of tolerance.

“If people want divorce and remarriage, we allow that. If people want artificial birth control, we allow that. If people want abortion, we allow that. We will make any allowance for money!”-c01231d85ef161b6.jpg    pro choice clergy at abortion clinic Ohio

Many “enlightened” denominations are virtually Babylonian. “Some feel it is best that their unborn children be sacrificed on the Altar of Convenience. We must be Understanding! Tolerant! There is no right or wrong. The greatest crime is to pass judgment on what another person feels is right for him or her!”

Many Protestants leave older denominations for new. “We will stand firm!”, promise young Pastor Bobs who have not yet discovered the painful impossibility of paying bills as their congregations shrink.

Many Protestants are intelligent enough to realize: “All this confusion is caused by 43,000 competing, conflicting Protestant denominations.” Some are honest enough to admit: “If I knowingly support a semi-Babylonian denomination, God must send my soul to hell.” A few are blessed with the courage to conclude: “The only way I see to save my soul is to be Catholic and consistent.”

Those whose incomes are thereby threatened respond with sheer silliness, saying things like: “The Catholic Church is wrong because it is a ‘works-based’ belief! Catholics are superstitious people who take Jesus too seriously. Catholics are wrong to think Jesus meant what He said about ‘If you do not eat My Body and drink My Blood you do not have life in you.’ It was wrong of Jesus to say that and it is even more wrong to take it seriously in this day and age! It should be against the law!”

Other semi-Christian Babylonians agree: “It was also wrong for Jesus to say ‘Verily, verily I say unto you thou art Peter and on this rock I build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.’ That sort of ‘excessive exclusivity’ keeps Catholics from loving and appreciating the blessed goodness of every person and belief. That should be illegal, too!”

The new, common theology dismisses the many Bible passages that encourage Catholicism. Smooth, practiced distractions are used: “What Jesus really intended to say was, ‘If a good person sincerely believes that he, she, or it is doing God’s work, every other good person has a duty to provide the needed funds.'”