Wow! A new, quick Catholic Cosmology?

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There was a blessed time and place without Babylon. Revelation 20 tells of “the Thousand Year Reign” of The Catholic Church over Western Christendom. It also predicted “the dragon unchained from the abyss”. That was 500 years ago, when power-hungry Babylonians used Luther and early Protestants to end “The Thousand Year Reign” by fragmenting The Only Church Jesus Founded. They replaced the Catholic Monarchies with themselves.

Babylon was back, bigger than before! Babylon controls media, literature, medicine, water, sewage, education, science, endless regulations, and printing money. The priests of Babylon agree, “We are God.”

The new, quick Catholic Cosmology condenses the error of Babylon’s 500 years of scientific silliness into a short, simple paragraph:

“God programs in energies and 3-D pixels. First, He programmed Programming Assistants. Ranks of “living 3-D printers”, called “Angels” in The Iron Age, helped Him download elements and compile them into systems and beings. Planet Programs were downloaded and put into motion around Star and Galaxy Programs beyond counting. Replicating plant and animal programs were written and downloaded on earth. In the last of six Programming Sessions, The Loving Programmer’s beloved Free Will Programs were downloaded. The Creation Program is made of self-sustaining movie props that give free will to His Beloved Human Programs. Each of us is the star of our own show and will Meet The Critic after our performance.”

That’s the new, quick Catholic Cosmology. Creation Program details give each person free will. The chosen choose to believe and obey God, His prophets, and the trillion to one odds about He Whom the prophecies predicted. Others do not.

“What about fossils?”, ask those stuck in Conventional Reality. “Didn’t it take billions of years to form them in all those layers of rock.”

The new, quick Catholic Cosmology counters: “Uppity angels made unauthorized changes to Human Programs. They created huge monsters of Gluttony, Rage, Sloth, and other sins in living form that roamed the earth. The Loving Programmer downloaded 40 days of rain to wash them away. The moon pulled a huge, trillion-ton tidal wave around the surface. He used it to Re-Write The Crust Program, causing volcanoes, mountain chains, buried fossils, and layers of rock. Babylonians call its results ‘The Fossil Record’ to prove God wasn’t needed in Creation. In fact, “The Fossil Record” only shows which animals sank first, and not all that long ago.”

Wow! A new, quick Catholic Cosmology, Catholic Fundamentalism, makes more sense as we see 3-D printers and realize, “God’s power is great enough to provide angelic, and sometimes invisible, 3-D printers!”