Catholics, Protestants, and God’s Scourge

Luca-Giordano-Expulsion-of-the-Moneychangers-from-the-Temple-c.-1675-660x350-1450866883.jpg Christ and moneychangers

Consider the history of Catholics, Protestants, and God’s Scourge as Europe falls before our eyes. Men, women, and children are murdered, raped, and robbed. People are attacked viciously inside and outside their homes. Anti-Catholic governments welcome more waves of destroyers into nations already reeling from the shock.

God’s Scourge is falling for the crime of aborting a billion unborn babies in their mothers’ wombs. Punishment for the worst crime in history is inevitable, unless two or three hundred million people miraculously return to serious Catholicism, Confession and Communion. Many Protestants would rather die than see that happen!

God’s Scourge has fallen before. In the 600s, Moslem armies swept West across North Africa, divided and weakened by Protestant Donatists and Arians. By 711, Arian Protestants invited Moslems into Spain to enslave their own people.

It was far worse when England’s Imperialist Protestants landed in Ireland and fancied themselves to be The Scourge of God. Incredibly, it was even worse than that when they landed in New England and believed the same thing.

Tens of millions of North American Indians, and their hundreds of thousands of little villages, disappeared as the Imperialist Protestant scythe cut down all before it. For two and a half centuries, the murderous land-grab continued. When the Indians were gone, Imperialist Protestants launched attacks on comparatively defenseless Catholic countries from Cuba to the Philippines.

The first Spanish Catholics mistreated some Indians after their early landings in the islands. News of abuses reached Spain. Catholic Cardinals and Kings wrote Christ’s command “Love your neighbors” into law. Royal decrees had the King’s steel behind them. Schools, hospitals and churches were built to save Indians, not exterminate them.

The Catholic Church and State protected Native Americans so well that, today, 85-90% of those in the Catholic Americas have Indian DNA. North American areas settled and seized by Protestants wiped out Indians far more thoroughly than Moslems exterminated their neighbors.

With one or two exceptions, governments are ruled by anti-Catholics. They still allow thousands of unborn children to be killed, often in unspeakable suffering, every day by abortionists. Are we surprised that The Scourge of God is falling?

If we return, repentant, to The Church, Confess our sins, receive Absolution and Communion, we will be obeying His great winnowing command: “If you do not eat My Body and drink My Blood you do not have life in you.”

We will have “life in” us, and we may be both saved and spared!