DRTIV is a deadly, destroying disease.

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DRTIV is a deadly, destroying disease. DRTIV destroys minds, bodies, and souls.

We all know people whose lives have been ruined by DRTIV. We, ourselves, are susceptible to DRTIV. DRTIVitis can infect any of us at any time.

We are surrounded by endless cures for the many diseases and disorders that are the symptoms of DRTIV. Overweight? Tired? Listless? Fevered? Depressed? Unhappy? Stuck in a rut? Lonely? Not getting anywhere? Meaningless life?

Those suffering from such afflictions do not see the underlying, common cause: they have been infected with DIRTV.

DRTIV is an ancient disorder. DRTIV is mentioned in The Bible. In the Old Testament, DRTIV is described in Proverbs, 26:11. In the New Testament, DRTIV is mentioned in 2 Peter 2:22.

For thousands of years, DRTIV has been the underlying cause of most human suffering. The cause?

DRTIV begins with ignoring the First Commandment. That makes our desires more important than obeying God. That corrupts the mind and stains the soul. Therefore, those suffering from DRTIV are as a “Dog Returning To Its Vomit”, returning to worship self.

Jesus was clear. In Mt 16: 18-20 and John 20:23, He Who Fulfilled the Prophecies told those ordained in living link with The Apostles whom He Ordained: “Those whose sins you forgive on earth are forgiven in Heaven.”

There is, then, only one cure for DRTIVitis. Catholic Confession and Catholic Absolution restores the soul, then the mind, then the body. Jesus gave no one else on earth the power to forgive those sins.

Many medicine men make claims. Listening to them rather than to God is also a violation of The First Commandment, and only makes the DRTIV get even sicker.