A very short history lesson:


A very short history lesson:  Beginning with the Pilgrims, waves of well-armed settlers took lives and land from Indians as they moved West.   Land speculators included Washington, Jefferson, and families like the Penn’s.  They were wealthy and well-connected.

The British Government took over the process of “purchasing” land from the Indians.  That deprived speculators of the huge profits made by “dealing directly” with whatever Indians they could get to sign contracts put before them.

After the Revolution, a few tribes who sided with the Americans were allowed to keep some land.  The others were eradicated.  Their land was sold to pay soldiers and other debts of the Revolution.

A tiny handful of Protestant missionaries tried to stop the slaughter.  The powerful Protestant Establishment ignored it.  They built countless churches in the towns and villages that grew rapidly on the ruins of  earlier Indian settlements.

The land grab continued to Hawaii, other islands in the Pacific, and the Philippines.   By WWI, America’s Protestant Establishment ruled from New York to Manila.  They justified their conquest in semi-Christian terms:  “It is our Manifest Destiny!”

The Plundering Class soon realized:  “The Indians are gone.  Now, we have to take money from white people.”

Taxes were mandated to pay for whatever monopolies that special interests could legislate in education, medicine, communication, and transportation.   Those who would profit wrote the regulations their obedient legislators enacted to protect their monopolies from competition.

Too many poor people?  Put abortion clinics in their neighborhoods!   Sterilize their children!  Keep just enough of them alive to provide the necessary votes!  Encourage riots when more funds are needed!

Too much money in the middle classes?   Impoverish them with income, sales, and property taxes!   Encourage ever fewer children!  Make them more illiterate in every way!

Too much money in the Plundering Class?  They’ve earned it, fair and square!

In every nation, except tiny Vatican City, hired governments prefer plundering neighbors to loving them.

In the darkness, a brighter light still burns.   He Who Fulfilled The Prophecies founded One Church.  It provides the love, truth, and life of God, despite all the destruction that evil throws against it.

Amid the continuing carnage, some are blessed to believe and obey His winnowing call to Catholic Communion:  “If you do not eat My Body and drink My Blood you do not have life in you.”