Catholics tell anti-Catholics:

“We know you are proud of your belief.  We know that you are attached to your belief system.  It is a fact that your denomination was invented by an ambitious Protestant man with a Marketing Plan.  Forty five thousand such Marketing Plans have been so successful that they have taken Denominational Form.”

Catholics may continue:

“We also know there is a very human tendency to become attached to what we believe.  We will often defend things that are wrong simply because we do not to admit that we were wrong.  Our pride elevates our opinion above truth.”

There is no disagreement with that.

“We both agree that we must believe in God, Jesus, and The Bible.   And, you know their clear teachings include:  “Thou shalt not kill.” and “You must love your neighbor as yourself.”

All agree.

Then, Catholics may ask:  “Can anyone who knowingly supports a denomination that does not condemn abortion-inducing birth control get into Heaven?”

The inevitable conclusion must be made clear:  “If I support a denomination that does not protest the killing of unborn children, and I do protest against The Church that teaches “We must protect life from conception to natural death.”, I am simply and utterly wrong.”

Catholics do agree:  “There have been mistakes made by The Church Jesus Founded.  Still, they pale into utter insignificance when compared to the billions of unborn babies sacrificed on The Altars of Convenience.  It is best to be Catholic and at peace on the issues of life and death, here and after.”