It takes Courage to be Catholic.

Courage is a Gift of The Holy Spirit.  It takes Courage to be Catholic.   Jesus, and The Only Church He Founded, are under attack in every generation.

The establishments of Rome hated Jesus and His Church.  Vicious persecutions of Catholics began in Jerusalem.  In the 300 years between Jesus and Constantine, the persecution of Catholics spread throughout The Roman Empire.

The earthly interests of every Babylon were perfectly personified in Nero.  His persecutions continue whenever special interests are threatened.  “Get rid of those Catholics!  They are in our way!” was the cry from the Temples of Aphrodite, Apollo, Mithra, Luther, Calvin, and countless others in the Pantheon of Babylon.

Babylon believes:  “There is no higher power than the State!  The State is right in every area!  All who disagree with us are traitors.”  Salaries, power, prestige, and pensions drive many to worship the approved gods.

Jesus focused on souls.  The Only Church Jesus Founded insisted that Catholics pay their taxes, obey their governments, and follow the new, higher order established by Jesus:  “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s.”

The new Temples of Babylon are departments and agencies designed to take over every human activity.   Babylon ordains priests to build and staff its sprawling monuments to education, health, environment, crime and control.

It takes Courage to be Catholic.

Babylon’s smouldering hatred of Jesus and His Church bursts into flames whenever it can.  Nero’s persecutions reappeared in England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Ukraine, Mexico, China, and every nation.

In the United States, the once-Catholic cities were destroyed.  Catholics were driven into the tax-slavery of suburbs and the confusion of 45,000 denominations.

Why does anyone reject The Only Church Jesus Founded?  Self-worshipers surrender to earthly desires instead of obeying two of God’s commands:

1.  “Thou shall have no other gods before Me.”

2.  “I say unto you thou art Peter and on this rock I build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. I give you the keys to The Kingdom of Heaven.”

It takes Courage to be Catholic.