What do our souls look like?

Periodically, people wonder if they have souls.  If so, what do our souls look like?

The Book of Wisdom gives us an idea of what the saved souls look like in verse 7 of the third Chapter:  “In the time of their visitation they will shine forth, and will run like sparks through the stubble.”

The sparks describe “God’s People”, souls headed for Heaven.  We may infer that the soul, the essence around which each human program is compiled, becomes brighter as it grows closer to God.

It doesn’t matter much what souls look like to us.  God sees past the mind and body.  He sees the soul.  Saved souls look like bright sparks to Him.  He sees them moving among the drab stubble.  He judges them accordingly when He separates sheep from goats.

This passage tells us that He sees saved souls as sparks and that He sees unsaved souls as dead stalks, stubble.  Stubble is all that’s left above ground of dead plants that have been cropped close.  That’s what dead souls look like, to Him.

So, souls are either sparks or dead, crunchy stubble.  We have free will because we’re responsible for how our soul looks to Him, here and at Judgment.

The Book of Wisdom was in the original selection of holy writings determined to be Scripture by the early Roman Catholic Church.  Those who built the many do-it-yourself denominations found that The Book of Wisdom got in their way.  So they removed it.

At least Catholics have a place that tells them what their souls look like to God.   The lost?  Doesn’t appear that they have such a guideline.