Returning to The Church would make the world a better place.

Catholic Fundamentalism believes the world would be a better place if all Christians would become Catholic.  In our time and generation,  a new approach to God helps those who deal with computers come to understand that returning to The Church would make the world a better place.

God is seen as The Loving Programmer.  He is able to program particles, using what we may imagine as 3-D pixels.  He wrote and downloaded The Creation Program.  In it, His particle programs are compiled into systems and beings.  All are maintained by the necessary energy programs.

The Creation Program has two basic parts. Stars, systems, planets, and all the things that operate by themselves are in the Automated Programs.  The earth’s core stays warm, the sun emits light, planets go around, all because those Automated Programs work so well.

Some of the Automated Programs are self-replicating.  Plants and animals grow, reproduce, and go away, generation after generation.

Self-Replicating Programs have degrees of complexity.  The more complicated Self-Replicating Programs have tiny amounts of free will are written into them.  A horse may choose to run under a branch.  A dog may choose to chew shoes.  A cat may choose to use something else for a litter box.

The most complicated of the Self-Replicating Programs are blessed with the most free will.  We humans are The Loving Programmer’s most complicated programs, His beloved Free-Will Programs.   We can freely choose to fly, swim, walk, run, hop, skip, ski, ride, or jump.  We can choose to drive at high speeds.  We can get married and have a family.  We can drink ourselves into oblivion.  We are free to do any number of things, every day of our life.

The most important thing we can choose to do is recognize that we are Programs.  Each of us was lovingly written and downloaded by The Loving Programmer at the moment of our conception.

We may be blessed with the understanding that The Loving Programmer provided us with His First and Second Programming Logs.  In The First Programming Log, The Loving Programmer wrote and downloaded the Prophet Programs.  Prophets could access future downloads.  More than 300 times, prophets predicted that God would come to earth.

The First Programming Log ended when the last prophet, whose name was John the Baptist, went from announcing “He is near.” to letting people know “He is here!”

Then, The Second Programming Log started, by recording the genealogy and birth of Jesus Christ.  He was The One the prophets had predicted.  Hundreds of years before He came, they had described His birth, birthplace, ancestry, and many things about His life and death and what would happen after.

Jesus Christ, the God/man Whom the prophets predicted, spent the last few years of His life telling people that if they believed, obeyed, and loved God and their neighbors, they could to to Heaven.  He was widely reviled and greatly hated by those who knew that loving their neighbors interfered with what they wanted to do to their neighbors.  So, they killed Him.

He knew that would happen, and He left twelve disciples behind to carry on His work.  He said to one of them, “Thou art Peter, and on this rock, I build My Church.”  Peter led the disciples, sending them to the nations, letting people know that those who believed and obeyed could get to Heaven forever.  He and the other disciples, helped by Mary, Jesus’s Holy Mother, developed the beliefs, liturgies, and Sacraments of The Roman Catholic Church.

About five hundred years ago, some people left The Roman Catholic Church, and started their own churches.  They pretended not to understand that Jesus did not say to Peter,  “I build my Church).”

After The Roman Catholic Church was fragmented, the Christian community was fragmented.  They lost the power to stop error and tyranny in government.  So, governments grew bigger, as if Babylons were back on earth.  Inflation, wars, the abortion of innocent children, and every kind of evil grew.  The more fragmented The Church became, the more evil came to earth.

Today, it is more obvious than ever:  It is the division of Christianity into differing denominations that has allowed and encouraged every sort of evil that The Roman Catholic Church, when representing all Christians, was able to stop.

The logical thing to do is for all Christians to stop our destructive division, return to The Roman Catholic Church, and stop pandering to our silly, damned, divided vanities.   That is our only earthly hope.