An important question for someone in schism to ask.

Idol worshipers are always at war.   When not fighting other idol worshipers, they are at war with The Catholic Church.   They may be visualized as a huge, globe-spanning hurricane.  Within it, billions of tornadoes gyrate wildly.  Some tornadoes are powerful enough to sweep up many lesser tornadoes within them.

In the middle of endless wars for personal gain, the Catholic Church is calm and collected.   The swirling blasts of those devoted to the Idol of Accumulation grow more dangerous farther from The Church.

As we move away from the center, souls are transformed into infernal screeching of  “I want!” and “Die!”.  It is painful to watch them destroy others, and themselves.  The whirling idol worshipers draw all that they can within their gaping maws.  They elevate what they gather at the surface to the top of their tornado.  They are utterly unaware that what they gather is being spewed out the top as fast at it is drawn in at the bottom.

Those most desperate to accumulate are the biggest tornadoes in the globe-encircling hurricane.  They  say to each other:  “If we can get The Church out of the way, the entire world can be turned into a slave-labor camp under control.”

In actual fact, those who say that are mentally replacing “under control” as they plot the destruction and death of the idol worshipers around them.

Successful idol worshipers run entire nations, sometimes for several decades.  The paid media of those nations spare no opportunity to idolize the head of state and to criticize The Church.

Idol worshipers hate The Church for exalting humility and condemning greed.  After The Church had reigned a thousand years throughout Europe, the idol worshipers tried a new tactic.  Those who worshiped the idol of the state began to subsidize the incredibly vain malcontents who thought they were superior to Jesus.  “We do not have to worship in the Church Jesus began by saying to the first Pope, “Thou art Peter, and on this rock, I build my Church.”

The vain malcontents were,of course, unqualified to be priests in His Church.  They had to invent their own religions, and called them “Christian”.  They were so swollen with vanity they thought they had that right.

Why did God allow tens of thousands of schisms and denominations to emerge?  Some conclude that God allowed these vanities in theological form to come into being so that goats could separate themselves from sheep.

A very important question all those in schism must ask:  “Is God using a false religion to let me separate myself from His sheep?”  Happy souls may decide to play it safe, and do what is necessary to receive Communion in The Church He built on Peter.

Others?  Whirling away, ’round and ’round, taking in at the bottom what is blown out at the top.