Comparing Catholic and Protestant Scholarship. Wow!

An amazing scholarly distinction between Protestant and Catholic became apparent this morning.

Today’s Catholic Daily Reading includes readings from Matthew 1:1-14.  The passages include 42 generations of the genealogy of Jesus.  The first fourteen generations reach from Abraham to David, the second from David to the Babylonian deportation.  The third set of 14 generations covered the 600 years between the deportation and the coming of Jesus.

In googling the lengths of time in the generational listings, hundreds of articles appeared.  One reference was to an analysis by Catholic scholars.  Incredibly deep thinking and analysis was evident.  The listing of historical sources and studies reached to and beyond St. Augustine.  There was a profound examination of Roman and Babylonian calenders.

If you would like to see for yourself the kind of thinking required of Catholics whose scholarship is of obviously high standards (and, I wish I were one!), take a minute, take the challenge,  and check:

Many, many Protestants had also written about Jesus’ genealogy .  This is typical of the depth, analysis, and scholarship that satisfies the schisms:

It is well worth seeing the difference.  Take a few minutes, and compare.

Comparing Protestant and Catholic Scholarship.  Wow!  The difference is staggering.  Absolutely staggering.