A few basics of Catholic Fundamentalism.

Catholics are perfectly Fundamentalist in some Bible passages.  “Thou art Peter, and on this rock,  I build My Church.” is a clear, direct sentence.  Catholics believe it describes the founding of The Roman Catholic Church.

Catholics also believe that Jesus was literally right when He said “If you do not eat My Body and drink My Blood, you do not have life in you.”

When Protestant Fundamentalists see a passage similar to “If you do not eat My Body and drink My Blood, you do not have life in you.”, Fundamentalism goes out the window.   We are told “Complex translations must be explored to find the deeper, truer meaning of the passage in question.”

Catholic Fundamentalism encourages Catholics to take all of  the Bible as literally as possible.

Catholic Fundamentalists find ourselves “more fundamental than the Fundamentalists” when we realize:  God doesn’t program with a simple binary code.  The Loving Programmer programs with the basic essences of actual particles, 3-D Pixels.   He has angels compile them into systems and beings:  The Creation Program.  Catholic Fundamentalism recognizes that what the Iron Age called “Nine Choirs of Angels” are actually the Nine Levels of Sub-Programmers.

Catholic Fundamentalists believe in St. Peter’s teaching, “With God, a day can be a thousand years.”  In his great wisdom, our first Pope lets us be both liberal and correct by saying, “The six days in which The Creation Program was downloaded lasted for 6,000 years.”

Why does Catholic Fundamentalism believe the more literal approach to Creation is important?  Many who are led to believe that the universe is 20 billion years old find themselves so distanced from God they lose their souls.

He downloaded The Creation Program quickly, efficiently, and recently.  After the download, some of the fallen angels began to corrupt the human programs with evil genes they wrote and downloaded within some on earth.  The Bible refers to them as the Nephilim.  They were sins in living form, known as the “giants in the earth”.  Tyrannosaurus  Rex, with huge teeth and claws, were the demons of Anger, in living form.  The evil spirit of Gluttony became Brontosaurus, and ate all day.

God got so sick of all the perversion that the fallen angels had spawned that He sent The Flood.  He saved the good and washed away the rest.

The Flood’s effects continue.   Even today, it washes away those who will not believe and obey.  Many people look at the layers of rock and geological formations and choose to conclude:  “The world is billions of years old.”  Many of them abandon God, and follow the false idols of evolution and geology to their own destruction.  They should be aware that The Flood, though long gone,  is washing them away.

Catholic Fundamentalists realize the layers of sedimentary rock were laid down during The Flood.  A huge tidal wave shoved the ice caps around the world like giant bulldozers.  The “Bigbergs” scraped out valleys,  flattened the plains, pushed up mountain ranges, and left the earth with the surface we know.

The Biblical account of The Flood, when taken more literally, helps us learn far more about the earth, and ourselves, than any other source.

A few basics of Catholic Fundamentalism.  A great help in seeing how reasonable it is to believe and obey God and The Roman Catholic Church.