A new theory of Judgment.

Many Protestants don’t approve of taking Mary, The Blessed Mother of Jesus, as seriously as Catholics do. If they think of The Blessed Mother at all, it is as holding a very secondary position.

Many anti-Catholics want Mary brought down to our level. Some insist that she had more children. Scripture does allow that interpretation, since the name for “brother” and “cousin” is the same in Aramaic. Thinking those relatives are actual “brothers”, rather than “cousins” is one of the ways that some separate themselves from The Only Church Jesus Founded.

Some of the same people think that Catholics “worship” Mary. No Catholic would ever “worship” Mary. We do, however, certainly revere her for being The Mother of God, and most perfect of all created entities. She had to be. If she had any imperfections, they would have appeared in Her Son, and satanic forces would have been able to destroy him through those imperfections.

A few Protestants get very upset about Catholics thinking Mary is “Co-redemtrix”. “Those Catholics worship Mary!”, they announce, dripping with self-righteousness. But, if Mary had not said “Yes”, Jesus could not have been born, so we are very, very grateful to The Blessed Mother whose choice allowed our souls to be redeemed.

Catholics think that Mary will be sitting at the right hand of Jesus when we go to Judgment. When the soul being judged stands before Jesus, He looks over at His Blessed Mother to see what she thinks. If she approves, He usually does, too.

If, instead of nodding lovingly at the soul before her, The Mother of God stares out into the vast and starry realm she rules, He tends to vote “No”. The dreaded trapdoor opens.

Catholic Fundamentalism suggests: A new Theory of Judgment. Mary is at her seat at The Right Hand of Jesus on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Those are the days that Catholics and near-Catholics are judged. Anti-Catholics are judged on Tuesdays and Thursdays. She takes those days off.