A short, new look at history.

A fascinating post on Catholic Fundamentalism’s Facebook page prompted a short, new look at history.

A Catholic reader let us know: “I don’t have the back up for this but I was listening to Fr Baron a while back and he stated killing is wrong at any point and we should not relativise it to suite our own sins But,… just as a matter of noting,… since the beginnings of Christianity approximately 36 million people have been killed by Christians, . a big number for sure, but, in that same time frame approximately 370 million people have been killed by non-Christians,.. who are the real aggressors? Staggering, …I think”
That fascinating post prompted this reply from Catholic Fundamentalism:
“Thank you for sharing those interesting estimates. I think the alleged 36 million killed by ‘Christians’ would be greatly reduced if those killed by the various Protestant war machines were eliminated. It is hard to think of a single place or time that Catholics waged an aggressive war of extermination that compares to the Protestant genocides in Ireland, North America, Australia, Africa, and Europe. The 36,000,000 might be reduced to a few thousand. The tiny handful of Crusades were not nearly as deadly as anti-Catholics allege. And, they would not have taken place had not thousands of Moslem attacks on Catholic nations preceded them. In fact, The only aggressive Catholic offense with which I’m familiar was the miraculous deliverance of Central and South America from evil, human sacrificing Aztecs and Incas by a few hundred brave Catholic soldiers.”
Did we miss anything?