A Tiny, Vain Hypocrisy Illustrates Millions of Souls Eternally Lost

Many in the Culture of Death make a great to-do of “protecting the environment”. We often see bumper stickers that let us know we should “protect the environment”.

This is July. It is hot. Summer heat is magnified by high humidity. The next warm day that one notices a vehicle with “protect the environment” bumper stickers in traffic, look at its windows. If the windows are closed, its air conditioner is on. We may note that the vehicle is being driven by a blatant hypocrite.

Such drivers are wasting “precious fossil fuels” by running their car, let alone their fuel-guzzling air conditioner. At the same time, they are using the evil fluorocarbons they still say causes the “ozone hole” that is “very worrisome”.

Amazingly, they are not able to care enough about even the appearance of consistency to shut off their own automobiles’ air conditioners. They coolly do, day after day after day, exactly what they criticize others for doing. We realize what they do not, that they are living a lie.

Why? Viruses of vanity keep the corrupted from consistency. Vanity prompts them to believe they’re so much better than the neighbors whom they tyrannize that they are above obeying their own rules. Is there anything we can do to help the lost become aware, in time, of the awful judgment they don’t believe is coming?

God, we find in Scripture, is not the friend of those who choose to disobey Him. But, He does have the power to send angelic exterminators into any mind to remove the viruses of vanity that have crept into it. We may respectfully ask Him to do so.

We who have downloaded The Program have been given this Operating Instruction: “Do good to those who hurt you.”

This makes our duty clear. We must pray that the viruses of vanity are erased, that the lost may love their neighbors as themselves, and that the viruses of vanity are driven from their souls and minds.

We will know that The Loving Programmer has begun to erase the viruses from the souls of environmentalists when their bumpers no are no longer plastered with proof of blatant hypocrisy and inconsistency.