A very short history of Catholic Fundamentalism.

Why is Catholic Fundamentalism today’s most effective, undeniable approach to God and His Church?

It begins by defining God as The Loving Programmer.  While we human programs have been given the ability to program our computers with the binary system’s on-off, The Loving Programmer programs with better building blocks.  He programs with actual particles and energies.

He wrote and downloaded The Creation Program.   He had it reach as far as we could see with whatever telescope and microscope we could make.  Why did He go to all that trouble?

The Garden, the part of The Creation Program where we human programs live, is self-weeding.  Some of us will see what’s around us, and fall to our knees in astonishment and gratitude to The Loving Programmer for having downloaded us amidst His wonders.  We are so aware of His power that we fear to disobey The Operating Instructions He downloaded for us human programs.  Those who believe, fear, love, and obey The Loving Programmer have the essence of their human program, the soul infused at the moment of conception, live with Him, forever.

Other human programs will see the same things we see, conclude that they came into existence by trillions of accidents so preposterously unlikely as to be a fantasy, and spend their lives doing whatever they want.  They ignore The Loving Programmer and reject His Operating Instructions.  When their mind and body program is erased, their lost souls go off  forever to some place far from love.

Why are Catholic Fundamentalists Catholic?

Because He Who fulfilled the prophets’ predictions said to only one person in all humanity, “Thou art Peter, and on this rock, I build My Church.”  Catholic Fundamentalists do not argue.  We do not quibble.  We are honest enough to realize that the simplest, least confusing interpretation of that passage is:   “The Roman Catholic Church is directly connected to St. Peter by the laying on of hands over nearly a hundred generations.  No other Church is so directly connected with God.  Jesus did not found His Church on anyone but Peter, the first Pope.  I am not vain enough to argue or quibble with Jesus.”

Why are Catholic Fundamentalists Fundamentalists?

Because the Fundamentalists were able to survive centuries of pseudo-intellectuals and the governments that hired them.  It was hard to remain a Fundamentalist when every kind of self-important scientist, geologist, and paleontologist was blathering endlessly about how old the world is.  Now, Catholic Fundamentalists realize that God, The Loving Programmer, wrote and downloaded all  the programs the “scientists” studied.  He wrote and downloaded all those programs precisely because He wanted every human program to have free will.  The Fundamentalists are right.  The Creation Program was downloaded far more recently than the other side believes.

What is Catholic Fundamentalism?

It is the Church-centered system recognizing that each human program had to be free.  We could look at any part of The Creation Program and choose to conclude that it came into being by accident.  Or, we could freely conclude that God wrote and downloaded The Creation Program thousands, not billions, of years ago.  Catholic Fundamentalism answers the question, “Would God waste time?” with a very positive “No.”

Who started Catholic Fundamentalism? 

That’s not important.  The world is set up so that  Catholics are  marginalized and Fundamentalists mocked.  In the past century, human programmers were, as programmed, duplicating the Creation Program’s programming on a primitive, human level.  Twenty some years ago, the idea came to a man that “God can program in three dimensions.  He programmed particles and energies, compiled them into systems and beings, and downloaded The Creation Program.  He programmed plants and animals, replicating programs with increasing degrees of complexity.  Then, He wrote and downloaded the most complicated programs of all, Adam and Eve.  They were the first two replicating free-will programs.”

Why did The Loving Programmer go to all that trouble? 

He wanted to separate those who believed, loved, and obeyed from those who would not for all of time.  Each replicating human program freely chooses to accept or reject The Loving Programmer.  The Creation Program that provides free will for all of us,is all around.  It is manifested by what Catholic Fundamentalists see as stage props for the most realistic of productions.

Catholic Fundamentalism began putting its daily posts on Facebook a few months ago.  In an amazingly short time, it has generated thousands of “likes”.  It’s understanding of God as The Loving Programmer may help you to save a modern, computer-literate soul that would otherwise be lost.  Familiarize yourself with its basics.  Then, get cracking.