It’s more amazing that

It’s more amazing that anyone would leave the Catholic Church than that everyone is not in it. When we see how it has lasted, surviving all that She has endured, we see a living miracle in which each of us is free to play a part.

Catholic Fundamentalism’s part is to relate the Fathers and Doctors of The Church, and The Church, Herself, with our own time, in which the Iron Age technologies that were there from Her beginning have been supplanted by the new skills that have brought us into the Age of Electron Flow Control.

This technology is a little bit closer to God and His operations than those of previous Ages. It should be easier, now, to get a better grasp of God’s power and the relevance of His Church and Her Sacraments. But, many still turn away.

We may consider a simple synthesis: “God is The Unprogrammed Programmer. He is able to program energies and three-dimensional particles, that we may visualize as 3-D pixels. He compiled them into things, systems, and beings. He has programmed each of us to live within that Creation Program, which He programmed and maintains to give each of us us free will. Each human being is a unique, living program who is free to accept or reject Him and His Operating Instructions. He has downloaded an institution to provide for the needs of those who accept and obey. ”

Would the “A-Saints”, Athanasius, Ambrose, Augustine, or Aquinas disagree with that, once they understood about God’s programming with pixels?