An absolutely amazing thing.

Recently, an absolutely amazing thing happened. It began when we explored the possibility that Martin Luther may have been, or had chosen to work for, the dragon released from The Abyss after “The Thousand Year Reign” described in Revelation 20. That Chapter tells us that after the dragon, or satan, is allowed to emerge from the abyss he will “deceive the nations”.

Catholic Fundamentalism suggests a connection: First, The Catholic Church did rule the spiritual kingdom of Christendom for the thousand years between the Fall of Rome and Martin Luther’s fragmenting of The Only Church Jesus Founded. That is the “Thousand Year Reign” than many of us can recall.

Secondly, the fragmentation that Martin Luther began did result in the metastasizing of One Church into 43,000 Somewhat Christian denominations. Because there is no longer one voice speaking for Christ, doers of evil have “deceived the nations” into accepting abortion and other mortal sins.

As a result of the divisiveness begun by Luther, a billion unborn children have been killed by abortion. It is the greatest evil in all of history.

It is impossible to deny that if it had not been for Martin Luther and the political disempowering of The Catholic Church that followed the Luther-inspired schisms, abortion would still be an illegal, unspeakable crime.

It all hangs together. 1. There was a Thousand Year Reign by The Catholic Church over Christianity. 2. The Thousand Year Reign was ended by Luther, who destroyed that Christian unity. He brought fragmentation. 3. Shattering Catholic unity resulted in world-wide slaughter when “the nations were deceived” after satan came up from The Abyss. What is “an absolutely amazing thing”?

It is an absolutely amazing thing that not one Lutheran has written to disagree with the possibility that the founder of their denominations may be reasonably considered to been, or chose to work for, the “dragon from The Abyss” of Rev. 20 that brought such awful evils among us.

Think about what an absolutely amazing thing it is. Seventy million, in hundreds of sub-schisms identify themselves as somewhat “Lutheran”. Not one has tried to show that the results of their founder’s actions could not be united with the evil brought to ravage us by the “dragon from The Abyss”.

Not one Lutheran has cared enough to show that The Thousand Year Reign, Martin Luther as the deceiver from The Abyss or his employee, and a billion abortions are not intertwined. Isn’t that an absolutely amazing thing?

Ask yourself: “Have I ever heard of such an absolutely amazing thing?” There may be some, lacking in perspective and proportion, who try to turn a tiny handful greedy men who abused the alleged selling of indulgences into a great evil. Even if that crime occurred, it pales into misdemeanor insignificance when compared to the deaths of a billion unborn babies that are the result of the 43,000 competing schisms that came from the process begun by Martin Luther.