Are White People from the Ten Lost Tribes?

Are White People from the Ten Lost Tribes?  On forms asking us to identify our race, many White people fill in the blanks with “Cauc.” or “Caucasian”.  Why do we do that?  Why do we identify ourselves with a name we can barely spell?

The answer is in our history.  The Ten Northern Tribes were deported North from Israel around 720 B.C.  Many ended up in the Caucasus Mountains, between the Black and Caspian Seas.

There, the tribes grew in number and power.  When they expanded, they washed out of their valleys in waves, flooding out of the Caucasus Mountains to form nations whose names continue the connection today.

Some who stayed in the Caucasus became the first Christian nation, Armenia.  They quickly realize the power of their connection between Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, their Tribe, and Jesus.  Archbishop Theodore, in fact, took the Christian symbols in the rugs of the Caucasian tribes as far away as Ireland, where they reappeared in the illuminations of later manuscripts like the Book of Kells.

White people maintained the same Tribal identities they’d developed in the generations following Jacob, son of Isaac, son of Abraham.  Tribal names often remained so as they moved North and West, into Europe.  They often joined with others in nations from one end of Europe to another containing variations of “Iberia”, which comes from the name “Hebrew”.  That name comes from “Eber”, whose name should be familiar from the Bible.

Over the centuries, the sons of Jacob grew in numbers.  They filled Europe and displaced the remaining Stone Age people as their descendants would later to in North America.

Some, in that later migration, traveled West, across America, in covered wagons similar to those with which their ancestors had crossed much of Europe, three thousand years and more before.  Others came in ships and moved West by trail and the trains that followed them.  Many small towns and ethnic neighborhoods in America of Scottish, English, Italian, Slovak, Polish, German, and Irish origin have people in them who’ve been neighbors for thousands of years in this, and earlier, homelands.

One of the nations settled by Dan’s Tribe still bears the Mark of Dan in a Scandinavian nation.

Some of Simon’s Tribe ended up in Eastern England, where maps delineating Celtic groups record the land of the Simonii.

To their North, near the present Scottish Border, many Gadenes settled.  They were from the Tribe of Gad, another of the ten Northern Tribes.

The “Saxons”, who replaced many of the Celtic Tribes in an early “corporate rollup”, is an abbreviated form of “Isaac’s Sons”.

The British Israelite Society goes farther.  They believe that The Stone of Scone, beneath the throne on which the once-Catholic Kings and Queens of England were crowned, is the same stone on which Jacob rested his head when he had the vision of Jacob’s Ladder reaching from earth to Heaven.

Such theories are interesting.  Equally fascinating is how all such ideas are mocked and maligned by those who wish to distance the children of Abraham from him and the God Who made the great Covenant with him.  Those who reject any genetic connection with our common father violate the Commandment about Honoring their Father and Mother.

As they reject, rather than seek, their relationship with Abraham, they often reject their relationship with God.  Human programs separated from The Loving Programmer are not happy.  Their eternity is less so.

Pity the angry, pseudo-intellectuals, self-separated from time and love.

Are White People from the Ten Lost Tribes?  It certainly looks that way.  If we’d get back to The Church, we could be proud of our heritage.  Scattered as we are among schisms, many of which say it’s all right to kill our own unborn children, pride is harder to find.