Babylon uses colleges to kill the future.

Amazingly, most people think that “A college education is a good thing.” Since that is a common, Babylonian perception, it is wrong.

We may consider a useful alternative to college. Tests.

A CPA is forced to attend several years of school and then pass the CPA test. Lawyers must pay for several years of Law School and then pass a BAR exam. Doctors have to waste similar amounts of time and money.

It would be easier if people could simply study on line, learn what was necessary, and pass whatever tests were necessary to be good tax accountants, patent attorneys, or General Practitioners. Costs would be reduced. Debt loads would evaporate. People could afford families, homes, and children.

But, Babylon has never wanted people to have happy families. So, we are forced to waste time repeating courses in grades 1-12, have lots more repetition in college, and put barely literate students in useless advanced degree programs to drive them into debt and sterility. Babylon uses colleges to kill the future.

The Catholic Church has its own schools. Few of them are as free from Babylonian enslavement as they could be. Not many bishops have the stomach to take on the huge, wasteful Catholic higher education system. Modern educational systems tend to be dominated by the Babylonian desire for student debt and sterility.