Babylon’s Divisions are divided.

Babylon’s Divisions encourage us to ignore The Loving Programmer. They want us to ignore The Loving Programmer and focus on the 3-D programs He has had written and downloaded by His angelic Programming Assistants.

Many succumb to the temptations provided by Babylon’s Divisions. Most minds have been occupied by one or more of the seven corrupting viruses. They were called “demons” in the Iron Age: pride, envy, greed, gluttony, anger, lust, and sloth.

Catholic Fundamentalism attaches some importance to finding which of Babylon’s Divisions are in control of a neighbor. We may see a President, for instance, transfixed by lust, greed, and gluttony. Another may be consumed by anger against his own nation and neighbors.

We must understand a basic truth. Babylon’s Divisions are divided. They fight each other on most issues. One who is possessed by competing demons from Babylon’s Divisions has an internal war raging. Greed and gluttony want to amass programmed entities. Lust desires to dissipate them to satisfy other urges. Anger may get in the way of greed. Babylon’s Divisions are divided.

Catholic Fundamentalists see these demons as corrupting viruses. They to destroy the human program they have infected. The infected human program tries to corrupt others. We may try see how many of seven divisions have infected our neighbor to better understand what others see as mental disorders. Only when we see which evils have embedded themselves in a human program can effective advice or help be offered.

How do we help someone possessed by corrupting viruses?

Demons know what Jesus said: “If you do not eat My Body and drink My Blood you do not have life in you.” Just as Babylon’s Divisions work to corrupt each human program, our job is to help a person choose Jesus’ Body and Blood. His Body and Blood provide the surest way to be freed from their awful influence. The Church’s Seven Sacraments counteract the seven tribes of Babylon’s Divisions.

Others prefer different methods. There are over 40,000 Ladders to Heaven. The first rung of each has people around it urging passersby, “Try my ladder!” Best to shun them all. It is better to go to The Only Church Jesus Founded. There, we may find His Body and Blood in Communion. That is what He said we needed to “have life in us”.

Babylon’s Divisions are divided. But, they are somewhat united in their hatred of Jesus and those who strive to worthily receive His Body and Blood.

P.S. A theory: Individual demons may hate another demon so thoroughly that they prefer a soul be saved than to help the demon they hate. “If you are leaving my 2nd United Reform Perkmistianist Church for Pastor Bob’s Family Victory Evangelical Old-Time Bible Church, why, I think you might be better off as a Catholic.”