Babylon’s hatred is our guide.

Babylon is busy, busy, busy. Always doing something to hurt and proclaiming it to help. Every sin is encouraged. Love is hated, truth is despised. Babylon’s hatred is our guide.

Babylon spends more and more on public education while students learn less and less. Babylon regulates and regulates while people are made poorer and less free.

Babylon builds endless prisons and fills them with as many law-breakers as possible. All the while, more laws are passed, more law-breakers arrested, and more jails built.

Babylon loves drugs. They offer endless opportunities for laws that people will break and be jailed.

Babylon loves idols and encourages people to worship the environment, their bodies, health, and the many, many distractions provided to separate people from concerns about souls, families, and God.

Babylon hates The Roman Catholic Church more than anything. Always has. Always will.

That, of course, brings many intelligent people into Her Holy Communion. Smart, perceptive people conclude: “If I am in The Church that Babylon hates, I am where God’s love and truth is most concentrated.”

Babylon’s hatred is our guide.