Babylon’s two favorite idols

Those who stroll the streets of Babylon pass many storefronts. They offer health, beauty, wealth, adornment, and status. People stop and stare into shop windows whose mirrored interiors seem to go on forever.

Within, clerks show their wares. One comment is universally spoken and unspoken: “This will make you the envy of your friends.”

Everyone in Babylon takes pride in being envied. Some are proud of having more. Others, of having less. Nearly all prefer things and thoughts that are “better”.

While all want to be envied, every Babylonian must say they believe in “Equality”. Even as they seek to be envied, all Babylonians insist “I believe in equal rights and opportunity. I believe that all people and beliefs are equal.”

This enlightened view is accompanied by “One faith is as good another. No faith at all is as good as any faith there is. One person is as good as another. No person is ‘better’.”

No true Babylonian notices the contradiction that is so firmly ingrained in them as to be almost invisible: “All are equal, but I want to be envied.”

The contradiction becomes more evident, and less mentioned, as Babylonians rise in rank. In America, and every nation, leading Babylonians have accumulated billions of dollars in bribes and payoffs. It is in swollen accounts, trusts, foundations, and holdings.

Even as the billionaires of Babylon say, “We must strive for equality.”, their assets swell. If a Babylonian were to criticize the enormity of the drooling envy produced by such vast inequality, the power of its state would fall upon those critics like an enormous weight.

Equality and envy are Babylon’s two favorite idols. They stand on an altar of falsehood and fear.

There is an escape. Prophets predicted that those who wanted to be saved would have a Savior. The prophecies came true in the predicted place. Jesus was born. He said “I say unto you thou art Peter and on this rock I build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. I give you the Keys to The Kingdom of Heaven.”

Babylon heard that message. On the altar of falsehood and fear, the idols of Equality and Envy periodically announce to worshipers drawn into the 43,000 Look-like Catholic Faiths, “Our religions have equally good Keys to the kingdom of Heaven. In our religions, you can do anything you want, and still be the envy of all, forever.”