Catholic Fundamentalism opens up so many doors and provides so much understanding that it’s easy to forget the basics.

We’re so used to thinking “God can program in three dimensions” when we run into something spectacular or unusual. We forget that others may not understand God’s power that we more automatically integrate into how we see the world.

An imaginary conversation:

Catholic Fundamentalist: Once I understood that God programs in three dimensions, things started making more sense.

Friend/Acquaintance/Relative: I don’t know what that means.

CF: Take sand. He can program the particles that a grain of sand. Or, a quadrillion grains of sand. He can have the sand blown into dunes or compressed into stone.

FAR: He can program in three dimensions?

CF: Picture the atoms that make the sand. He can program them, and the things that make them. He can program angels to carry out His programming Instructions. Angels are God’s version of a person we might hire to program a screen-saver. It’s just that God can make a hugely complicated screen-saver that works in three dimensions.

FAR: We’re living in a three dimensional screen-saver?

CF: That’s right. What we live on was programmed as a giant ball that spins around a big ball of light. Everything is like a huge, self-maintaining stage.

FAR: Why?

CF: To give us free will. We can’t prove He didn’t program the whole thing and we can’t prove that He did. We can’t be intellectually bullied into belief or disbelief.

FAR: So, that’s the “Fundamentalism” part of “Catholic Fundamentalism”. Why the “Catholic”.

CF: The Roman Catholic Church is the oldest of the Christian Churches. Therefore, it is the closest to God in time and space. The others came later and made changes in the original teaching of the Disciples.

“New Road to Rome” can be downloaded free elsewhere on this site. It’s helps to review it periodically. Sometimes, reading a few pages prepares you for a conversation that you’re going to be having.