Belief Brings Success and Generosity

Catholic Fundamentalism understands that God has programmed and downloaded entire galaxies and all within them. They were downloaded to spin through space to provide all human programs with free will. They’re there so we can look at them and freely decide whether or not there is a Being Who has the ability to produce such incalculable vastness. Those who can’t accept that spend much of their lives in the service of various idols, mostly centered around the altar of Self.

Popular media exists to keep us aware of the proper idols to be worshipped. As any idol’s falsity becomes known, as with the Global Freezing/Warming Idol, those likely to embrace such things are quick to move into the new temples. They are often painted “green”.

We realize that accidental causes of all the ongoing complexity there is make little sense as we learn more about how complicated every single sub-program in The Creation Program is. Once we say understand “Things that operate on their own tend to run out of gas.”, we make a great breakthrough. We may be called to realize that it makes more sense to believe in, as Catholic Fundamentalists do, in The Loving Programmer. We see that all there is comes from His ability to write and download energies and particles, compile them into systems and beings, and put our own, human, free-will program among them.

Suddenly, we see there’s a possibility for great gain. “The same Loving Programmer Who wrote and downloaded all that there is can write and download ways for me to be and do better!”

We begin by believing. We move to obeying. Then, we realize that we may humbly request Programming Assistance to help our family, friends, and neighbors. A huge cornucopia begins to empty itself upon we who realize the source of all blessings, His Programming Assistance.

When we realize that all we have came from Him, we find that He does not want us to be selfish with His gifts. The more generous we are, the more blessings we receive. We become so aware that His continual kindness will continue to enrich us that we move forward with greater confidence and success.