“I believe this country cannot endure half free and half slave. . .”,

“I believe this country cannot endure half free and half slave. . .”,

Abraham Lincoln

Most of us believe that we live in a “free country”. We say that even as our combined tax rates exceed half of what we make. If we see how many days we have to work to pay our taxes, we see that our entire nation, rather than just the Southern half, is still “half free and half slave”, just as it was before the Civil War was fought to end slavery.

Few of us seem to mind. We’re largely used to it, and we’re told every day that “taxes make things better”. If we had only been taxed at half those rates, in a decade or so each one of us would be vastly wealthier. But, those who have the power to levy taxes simply don’t care.

Those who profit from enslaving their neighbors are hard-hearted, and their hearts grow ever harder. The reason is simple. Once people participate in a cash flow, they can only get raises if they increase that cash flow, so spending goes up, taxes quickly follow or money is devalued, and freedom diminishes.

Increasing taxes on their neighbors makes those neighbors poorer, but those committed to their cash flow simply do not care. They need “More!”, and will eagerly impoverish their neighbors to get it. As they grow ever more cavalier about hurting their neighbors, they grow farther from God by ignoring His command to “Love your neighbor”. Often, they move toward ignoring He Who gave that commandment. Some souls become so calloused that, after a while, they can no longer bear to believe that either God or their souls exist.

The more useless their occupation is, the bigger the lies they have to tell to justify the taxing and spending that supports them. That makes them ignore more of The Programmer’s Operating Instructions, such as “Thou Shalt Not Steal” and “Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness”.

Soon, the enslavers’ souls are worse than shrivelled; they are lost. The Virus is happy about that. It was his goal to possess those souls, and, unless we can turn them around them, they will suffer in his realm of agony forever.

If we obey our marching orders, and “Do good to them that hurt you.”, we may be able to alert them to the fact that there is a God, that He does have a Kingdom, and that it’s far better to worry about getting into it than looting our neighbors to obtain more perishable possessions in order to impress those who will never be in a position to judge whether or not we are fit for Heaven.