The biggest Family Business of all: “God, Spirit, & Son”.

We used to see many signs on businesses like “John Smith & Son, Tailors“, or “Bob Jones & Sons, Realtors“, or “Paul Hankovich & Brother Hardware Store”.

Such names celebrate family businesses that continue more than a generation.

In every age, such family businesses are an earthly reflection of the biggest Family Business of all:  “God, Spirit, & Son”.

God, Spirit, & Son is a huge, family-owned monopoly.  It’s main work is Programming, Maintaining, Assisting, and Judging Free Will Creatures who live right smack in the middle of everything on the Earth Program.

There is a very important person in the huge, billion-galaxy business.   Mary is the Blessed Mother of The Son.  She is the Daughter of The Father and the Wife of The Spirit.  She has the most powerful connections of any human being in all of time.

In God, Spirit, & Son’s vast holdings, Mary has been recognized as the most perfect of all the created entities.  Her position reflects the perfection that resulted in such close connections with the Ruling Family.   They have made her the Chief Operating Officer of the larges Family Business in all of time and space.

Her job description includes responsibility for all that rotates, moves, or vibrates.  From electrons to galaxies, Mary is the COO who keeps all in order.

No one knows how many angels report to her, but Stockholders’ Reports indicate there are 9 levels of sub-programmers obeying Her orders. Altogether, there may be trillions of them, programmed into being as often as necessary.

We humans, free will programs, often ask her to help us as we strive to move up in The Organization to gain the rewards given for greater obedience.

She sits behind what we may visualize as a huge “Help Desk”.  Every day, billions of pleas for Programming Assistance appear in front of Her.   Faster than a human eye can follow, Mary has each request instantaneously qualified as to need and urgency and immediately forwarded to the appropriate department.

There, whatever Mary desires is programmed and downloaded seamlessly into The Creation Program.  How does that happen?  She works through the Angelic Programming Assistants.  She sends  glowing clouds of them to erase errors and restore programs and operating systems in human souls, minds, and bodies.

Right now, the brighter human programs are making more requests of increasing specificity:   “Mary, please!  Don’t let the Scourge of God fall on us because so many precious unborn babies are being destroyed!  Please!  Help us stop the killing before He sends the Moslems to destroy us.”

If enough of us ask, She may deign to ask God to answer our prayers.  We may help by joining with the efforts of The Catholic Church that Her Son began on earth.  We may unite in working so that the lives of unborn babies are protected and cherished.