Bloody sacrifices.

As the Old Testament repeatedly tells us, the sacrifice of children was common in the late Stone and early Iron Ages. “Passing children through the fire”, an oft-repeated phrase of the time, meant that children were thrown into the fire, from which they “passed through” to some world beyond.

In Carthage, parents who did this were encouraged to “look happy” as they went home from the ceremony that incinerated their children.

The Culture of Death was so strong that it could force parents to have their children murdered. During that time, the only organized Pro-Life force was the nation of Israel. Generation after generation, many of them frequently abandoned their religion and joined the Culture of Death.

Today, the Culture of Death has gained the legal right to murder unborn children and old people. The death is as sure and certain as in the earlier times, but it’s hidden so that most cannot see how awfully dangerous it is to all living people.

While aborted babies may be a few weeks or months old, chemically induced abortions kill children that are only hours old. While the sin is less obvious, it is as real.

We can but renounce it, and ask He Who made us all to enlighten those who have been induced to join the Culture of Death so that they embrace life, instead.