New Road to Rome

This New Road to Rome reaches some who are impervious to ordinary evangelism. Along the way, readers learn how God programmed space and time in a week, how His Kingdom is beyond it, what dinosaurs were, and what The Flood did.

The origin of the earth’s three peoples is explained. Questions about how the ancients moved big stones, who wrote Shakespeare’s plays, why governments wage war against their citizens, and why we should love our oppressors are answered.

The issue of why God let people all but eliminate the Latin Mass, for instance, is explained on page 7. (Download for free) If you are tired of both conservatives and liberals squabbling, this book will cheer you up. To paraphrase Browning, “The Programmer is in Programming HQ, all’s right with the world” because The Loving Programmer has “All things working together for good.”

To see a synthesis of how Catholic Fundamentalism even makes sense of pagan gods, check the Theory of Ongoing Creation, p. 20. And, if you want to see a good reason for God to have programmed Bill Gates, check page 23. And, if you’ve ever thought the other side had overly complicated human history, see how it all began on p. 48.

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