Bubbles in Continual Collision Church and State Bubbles

Two Biggest Bubbles

In every age and place, the two biggest bubbles are Church and State. Today, New York City’s Mayor Bloomburg, a staunch supporter of The State Bubble, announced that those in the Church Bubbles should not be allowed to hold meetings in property owned by the State Bubble in his jurisdiction. He would rather that empty buildings be left unused than allow them to be used by the Church Bubbles.

Church and State Bubbles

That’s typical of that ilk. Those in the State Bubble always work diligently to shrink or destroy the many Church Bubbles. Those in the Church Bubble are increasingly discouraged from having their own schools, hospitals, and businesses. The opposition to such institutions is as overt as the State Bubble can get away with being.

At the end of the day, each will be judged for our belief in, and obedience to, God. Those who try to keep citizens from any higher belief than the goals of the state are headed for an especially rough time that lasts, literally, forever.

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