Calvin helped Babylon’s resurgence.

Sacrificing children was an important part of many Hamite religions from Babylon to Carthage. The faithful Jews fought against it, as did, and does, the Roman Catholic Church.

Calvin, in his attacks against The Church, justified pre-destination. The elect were automatically saved, and were generally identifiable in this world by their wealth. This notion attracted a great many wealthy people to denominations that accepted this teaching.

Those in favor of child sacrifice are, today, only able to kill unborn children. One way that some justify their desires is to apply Calvin’s doctrine. “If the unborn are done away with, it is God’s will. He has pre-destined them to death.”

For us to understand those who hate their most helpless neighbors, we get away from heresies. We become freer of the tendency to sin as we accept the teachings of The Church. She teaches that all of us have free will, so, we are free to choose love or hate, life or death.

Pity those who choose wrongly, and pity their victims, as well. While we may be repulsed by the death and pain that those who have chosen the other side inflict, our souls, surrounded by death and lies, often grow callused. We must try to let ourselves feel their victim’s pain. We must not become inured to the deaths and sufferings of others.

In thanking God for our love of Him and His Church, we must not fail to ask for opportunities to help.