Can non-Catholics get to Heaven? Maybe.

Many are asked, Can non-Catholics get to Heaven? Maybe.

The Church Jesus Founded mentions two specific considerations that may allow some non-Catholics entry to Heaven.

1. Invincible Ignorance: Two types of attitude may qualify. Some simply do not know enough. I have had conversation with sincere, intelligent, decent people in rural areas who actually did not know they were “Protestant”. Amazing numbers of Americans have been too dumbed-down by public education to know that their faiths began with vain men, often subsidized and encouraged by political powers, who magnified various “protests” of Catholic beliefs and practices into entire denominations.

Those who did not make a conscious effort to avoid learning about The Only Church Jesus Founded may have some of their error excused. The operative word is “may”.

Another sort of Invincible Ignorance is found in those so brainwashed with hatred of The Church that they literally can’t think straight about it. Many Moslems, Jews, Hindus, and Protestants are raised with such a blind, unreasoning hatred of the Catholic Church that, in some cases, may excuse some of their sin.

Those unduly influenced by two types of Invincible Ignorance may find some forgiveness for thoughts, words, and deeds that may be judged to be “beyond their control”. One does not know how The Judge will rule, so as soon as one finds himself hoping, “Maybe I can get to Heaven because of my Invincible Ignorance.”, then one must begin taking serious steps toward The Church Jesus Founded because such ignorance is no longer “invincible”.

2. Baptism by Desire. Many sincerely want to be Catholic, but cannot summon up the courage to do so. They are too afraid of disapproval, mockery, or loss of social status to leave their group and move, body and soul, into The Church Jesus Founded. They desperately want to do so, but are unable to overcome their ties to the lesser things.

If they are fortunate enough to be conscious and able to think intelligently at the end, they may be able to cry out, “God, I wish I had been a Catholic. Please, forgive me for lacking the courage to join and practice The Catholic Faith that comes to us from the Apostles. Please, God, forgive me. Blessed Mother of our Saviour, please, ask your Son to forgive me. All you saints and angels: I am sorry I lacked the courage to do what I knew then, and know better now, what I should have done. Please, all you who are close to God in Heaven, ask Him to forgive me! I beg of you!”

That may result in sufficient grace to be saved. It only has the possible of efficacy if we aren’t in a coma or too medicated to think such thoughts. That’s why it is safest to become a Catholic as soon as we realize He said to only one person in all of history: “Thou art Peter and on this rock I build My Church. . ” and understand that the strangest of injunctions, “If you do not eat My Body and drink My Blood you do not have life in you.” can only be followed in The Only Church He Founded.

If one is too vain or stubborn to heed, the most painful of consequences for that freely chosen disbelief must be contemplated. Hopefully, those Pro-Life people who know they would be more obedient to God as Catholics, rather than fragmented among the 40,000 schisms, will accompany that knowledge with pleas to The Holy Spirit for Courage, Wisdom, and Faith.

Can non-Catholics get to Heaven? Maybe.