Can Stupid be Fixed?

Can Stupid be Fixed? Once in a while, a Tea Party protester will have a hand-made sign that says “You Can’t Fix Stupid.” No good Catholic Fundamentalist will believe that! When we see some leftist doing, saying, or believing something stupid, we immediately don armor, mount charger, pick up lance, and head straight into the spinning windmill.

Generally, little good comes of our efforts. That’s because we don’t fully understand that stupidity is a reflection of a deep, spiritual corruption that has spread throughout the polluted mind, corrupting the thinking process as it has done so.

Corrupting the thought process consists largely of removing, distorting, changing, and, even reversing, the connections between causes and effects. Those who have fallen into sin are less able to resist such attacks on the logical nature of their own minds, which will, when working properly, reflect the outward order that God has written and downloaded in His programs. As corruption enters their thinking, they find it harder to resist sin, much less actively fight against it, because they have chosen lies and disorder by choosing, themselves, to give themselves over to error; thereby removing themselves from the truth that is God and that lives among His people.

We may, and should, point out that sin causes stupidity, proven by the fact that those made stupid by it are usually unable to recognize the connection. Still, we try. It’s what we do. And, once in a while, the collective efforts of those who worship God and try to obey Him bear fruit. More often than one would think, the semi-unhinged mind of the liberal to whom we’re speaking is open to love, truth, and the logic that comes from them.

Sickened by the lies in which they find themselves, and unable to escape, some may rush with relief to the door opened by Catholic Fundamentalism: “God can program in three dimensions. He downloaded all that there is in six days, compiling vast systems and billions of unique human beings like ourselves, with free will. We are put here to exercise that free will. Only if we do so properly, choosing to obediently love both God and neighbor, we get to go to Heaven. Thus it has been, will be so until the end.”

No leftist ever wants to hear anything simple and true, especially something that’s that simple and true. So, when we speak to them, we should tell them nothing but such simple truths. Simple truths short-circuit the vastly complicated wiring systems they’ve built in their brains to keep them mired in a complexity that is, at its very heart, damnable.

Being nice to them helps, too. We should look at leftists’ minds as we do crippled bodies in wheelchairs, and encourage them to rewire their damaged circuitry.