Can we blame everything on Protestants?

1.  If all were Catholic, birth control and abortion would never have gotten started.  We would not be sacrificing 3,500 babies a day to balance Babylon’s books.

2.  If all were Catholic, Public Schools would not be taking, and largely wasting, such huge, impoverishing amounts from us in property taxes.   Costs per student/year would be in the range of $3,000.00/year, not $12,000.00.  And, the kids would be leaving school knowing more and knowing how to do more.

3.  If all were Catholic, sex would be controlled, not exalted.  The huge underclass of fatherless children would, instead, be in more loving families, destined to do more than sell drugs and rot in jail.

4.  If all were Catholic, our fertility would not have dropped below replacement level.  We would, instead, have been fruitful and multiplied, instead of spilling our seed on the ground.

We may ask, as one thing gone wrong after another is shown to be directly caused by having left The Catholic Church:  “How’s Protestantism working out for you?”

We all pay a huge price for the vanity that manifests itself in separation from the One Church Jesus began.  His words to the first Pope:  “Thou art Peter, and on this rock, I build My Church.”  We will pay a greater price on Judgment Day.

Unless we straighten out.