Catholic Fundamentalism as Elevator

A difficult puzzle: “How are so many liberals able to embrace so many lies? Where do they draw the line?” The answer is, they don’t.

For instance, most liberals are smart enough to see the deception that crystallizes into frauds like Global Warming. But, every group that’s dependent on wasteful spending is supported by its own compilation of lies. The public education liberals know they don’t want to see their utility bills quadruple because of the Global Warming scams. But, if they expose the Global Warming lies, their own lies may be uncovered and their own funding be put at risk.

So it is with every group of those addicted to taking from their neighbors. They dare not criticize other such groups because their own lies will be exposed. And, the kingdom of lies grows.

A conclusion: There is a huge sub-structure in every society that’s dependent on an interlocking, interwoven fabric of lies. Those who lie to benefit themselves are forced into alliances with other groups whose livelihoods are, likewise, lie-based.

As we move into The Church, we see through more of the lies around us. As we approach Catholic Fundamentalism, we understand a little more of God’s power. We see that The Loving Programmer can actually program particles and energies, compile them into systems and beings, and download all of them into the vast Creation Program.

We human programs within The Creation Program were downloaded as beings with free will. Once we see that there is a separate program (which used to be called The Kingdom of God), for we who believe and obey, we rise above the societal sub-structures of lies and get closer to truth.

Catholicism in general, and Catholic Fundamentalism in particular, is an elevator that lets our souls rise above the teeming midlands between Heaven and hell. Once we are on it, we cannot help but ascend above the lies.