Catholic Fundamentalism is The Catholic Counter-Reformation to Vatican II.

In reacting to the liberalizing evil that swept through The Church with Vatican II, we may well remember the changes that The Church put into place after earlier Protestants, who were at least honest enough not to pretend to be Catholic, began to follow the false shepherds like Luther, Zwingli, and Calvin.

Then, The Church responded by demanding closer allegiance with its traditional teachings. Today, Catholic Fundamentalists do the same thing. Sweeping away centuries of carefully crafted intellectual silliness designed to keep us from knowing and loving God, Catholic Fundamentalism shows the reasonableness of returning to believe in the inerrancy of Scripture and the programming power of He Who had it written.

When we Catholic Fundamentalists say to those whose faith in God and Scripture is not as deep, “You silly people! Can’t you understand that God has the power to program particles, bringing them into being with the power of His Own Will? Won’t you realize that He has the ability to compile those particles into living beings; beginning with His sub-Programmers, the angels who helped Him download the myriad of 3-D sub-programs out of which the Creation Program is written, compiled, and downloaded into being and forms the universe around us?

Is your vanity so great that you won’t let yourselves by humbled by even thinking about how powerful He is, to have downloaded The Creation Program in six days?”

As we each begin our own pilgrimage from lies to truth, we see that we are simultaneously moving from hate to love. Those who compile, believe, and propagate the theories that keep us from seeing that we are His beloved human programs living within His vast Creation Program are lost souls. They work, often with diligence, to bring all others into preferring the confusion and enduring pain they have chosen, as well.

We can escape into His love and truth by simply asking Him to send an angel to help us better understand, “God can program energies and particles. With the help of His angelic sub-programmers, He has those energies and particles multiplied and compiled into systems and beings. Each of us is a unique human program, written and downloaded at the moment of our conception within the Creation Program. Our souls, the compiling essences around which our own bodies are coalesced, will live forever. If we obey His Operating Instructions, He will take our soul to Heaven to be with Him forever. If we choose to disobey, He won’t.”

Moving into Catholic Fundamentalism requires moving away from the world and human theories about it. It’s hard to see how many lies have been incorporated into our minds by those who want to lead us away from God. Seeing God as The Loving Programmer and the universe as His program is a beginning. It’s not supposed to be easy. But, as St. Columban said, “Without a battle, there is no victory. Without a victory, there is no crown.”