How does Catholic Fundamentalism, The New Evangelization, quantify error?

There is a way to quantify the difference between truth and error.  One truth that is said to be “scientific” is as much as 1,666,666 times more erroneous.  How does Catholic Fundamentalism, The New Evangelization, quantify error?  We look at those who call themselves “scientists”.   We look closely enough to realize that they are generally hired and paid by every government from Babylon to Washington to directly or indirect to support theories that separate  people from God and His power.

In recent years, such “scientists” have been paid to nod wisely while ponderously telling us that the universe is 20,000,000,000 years old.

Catholic Fundamentalism considers projecting our human abilities to what Someone incredibly more powerful could do.  We extrapolate from our abilities to The Loving Programmer.  He is able to program in actual particles and energies.  Among the first things He programmed were the living energies that would help Him download The Creation Program and all within it.

Clouds of angels programmed all the solids, liquids, and gasses.  “All that is visible and invisible” was brought into being, compiled into systems and beings.  They ended up forming the solar system, galaxies, and little dots of light we think are, and which may be, distant stars and galaxies.

Or, they, like lots of things, may be stage props that are just farther away.  What appear to be distant galaxies may be Potemkin Villages in the sky, brought into being because He wanted each one of us to be free to believe in Him.  We human programs, with enough free will to believe in The Loving Programmer or not, must choose whether or not to believe and obey.  It’s all as simple as that.  After downloading the inanimate programs forming solids, liquids, and gases, His Programming Assistants, known as “angels” in the Iron Age, downloaded His plant, animal, and support structures they would need to replicate.

That programming was done so brilliantly that future generations of state hirelings would announce that “Plants and animals evolved over billions of years.”

We humans who believe and obey God sufficiently more than lesser idols have our souls, the “organizing principle” around which our transient spirits, minds, and bodies are downloaded, live in joy with Him forever.  Others spend eternity serving what they served on earth.  No pleasant thoughts, there.

Catholic Fundamentalism considers the Scriptural record.  Our world is the same world scientists study.  Unlike state scientists, however, we factor in the huge distortions laid down The Flood and the immense tidal wave that rolled around the earth during it.  The immense wave pushed up mountains, squeezed out magmatic intrusions, gouged out valleys with broken up chunks of ice caps, and deposited hundreds of sediment layers, some holding fossils killed by The Flood, that the immense weights above compressed into rock, often bent and twisted in the process.

The writing, downloading, and altering of The Earth Program may have been begun 12,000 years ago by The Loving Programmer and downloaded by His angelic sub-programmers.   An important note:  Catholic Fundamentalism feels that He may have downloaded The Creation Program in stages, depending on how far men could see and go.  We may imagine an angel explaining, “There’s no point in downloading distant galaxies until men have telescopes powerful enough to see them.  Why bother making something until it’s needed to keep providing the illusion that everything could have appeared by accident?”

When we divide the 20,000,000,000 years claimed by the forces behind Conventional Reality by 12,000 years, we see that Conventional Reality is off by 1,666,666.666 times.

Some accuse this of being a “circular argument”.  Catholic Fundamentalism wholeheartedly believes that this argument is circular!   We ask “So what?”  Catholic Fundamentalism, the New Evangelization, has described a circle so huge that all of time and space fit within it.  God is at its center.   In this life on earth, its center, around which the saved souls gravitate like planets around the sun,  is The Roman Catholic Church, the Body of Christ on earth.

God, Himself, in all His Trinitarian Majesty is at the center of the greater, spiritual creation.  The Blessed Mother is seated beside The Throne of Her Son.   If we are blessed, our souls may join with Him there, forever.

We may believe truth or error.  The error is off by 1,666,666.666 times.  How do we know we are right?  Amidst all the complexity, one clear truth stands out:  For thousands of years, prophets wrote about the Coming of The Messiah.  Over three hundred