Catholic Fundamentalism’s 12 step program.

The short, simple steps to Heaven are summed up very briefly.  Catholic Fundamentalism’s 12 step program.

1.  Let yourself realize that God is able to program in particles, like 3-D pixels.  The Loving Programmer compiled them into systems and beings that comprise The Creation Program.  We live in a huge, long-running 3-D movie that is made so well that most don’t know that they are actors playing a role they write for themselves.

2.  The most complicated programs in The Creation Program are replicating programs with free will.  Each of us is a free will program.  Some of us will join our program with someone else’s.  We may be blessed with the joy of downloading free will programs.

3.  Each of us is an immortal soul.  It was lovingly programmed and downloaded at the moment of its conception with the ability to download energies and particles from The Creation Program around it to become a person with spirit, mind , and body.

During our time in The Creation Program, we may choose to believe in The Loving Programmer and to obey His Operating Instructions.  Or, we may choose to believe that we and the other free will programs appeared by accident among the larger accident that comprises the universe.  The Creation Program was written in such a way that we are not allowed to provide utterly convincing proof of its origin to someone who chooses to not believe in The Loving Programmer.  Fossils, rock layers, stars, etc., were all programmed and downloaded to provide free will.

4.  Those who choose to believe and obey may join their tiny programs with The Loving Programmer.  Those who do not choose to believe and obey will have their programs under continual, painful attack by corrupting viruses.

5.  The Loving Programmer created and downloaded free will programs.  Some, like Adam and Eve, were souls in bodies.  Others, the angels, had no bodies.  Some chose to disobey.  They were separated from The Loving Programmer and built huge structures of corrupted errors, all various forms of the Tower of Babel, by which vain unbelievers try to replace God with their own programs.

6.  Most of the human programs separated themselves from God.  But, He made a deal with Abraham, and favored his descendants.  Over thousands of years, they, too, had their programs corrupted, despite having seen frequent, miraculous reasons to believe and obey.

7.  During this time, a few obedient human programs were provided with special downloads about future happenings.  They all concerned the appearance of Someone Who would save them all.

8.  At the appointed time, The Creation Program took human form within The Virgin Mary.  He became a program that was both God and man.

9.  By many miracles, He drew twelve apostles and thousands of believers.  He divided all the human programs into sheep and goats, and made arrangements for the sheep to be able to be saved, joined forever in joy with The Loving Programmer.  He separated sheep from goats with a few sentences, His “least commandments”, one of which is “If you do not eat My Body and drink My Blood, you do not have life in you.

10.  To allow future generations of human programs to have life in them, and be separated from the goats, He provided a way they could show their ongoing obedience and have life in them.  He said to one man, the first Pope, “Thou art Peter, and on this rock, I build My Church.”  The only Church He personally founded provided His Body and His Blood, and all the Sacraments.  They would keep the sheep close enough to He Who would save them to be saved.

11.  Then, He allowed His Divine Program to be painfully erased.  By a great miracle, His Program was restored.  He ascended to The Loving Programmer.  When our souls leave our body, they will go to Him to be judged.

12.  If we have been sufficiently loving, truthful, chaste, honest, and obedient, we may be allowed to live forever in joy with Him. Those of us who believe and obey sufficiently, His sheep, get to Heaven.  Those who do not believe and obey sufficiently, goats, live in endless pain.