Catholic Fundamentalism’s Less Than Modest Goal

The Church is fragmented between traditionalists on one side and modernists on the other. In the middle are those of us who just want to go to Church in this life and Heaven in the next.

Catholic Fundamentalism can unite faithful modernists with traditionalists, simply by applying modern concepts to Church and Scripture. An example: When modernists see the Book of Genesis, their minds recoil from believing that the universe was created in six days, each of twenty four hours. It’s just too much for most of those aware of scientific complexities to believe.

Traditionalists may believe in the 6-day Creation, but it’s hard, because they, too, know how incredibly complicated the components of Creation are.

Catholic Fundamentalism says, “Look, guys. It’s real simple. God can program in three dimensions. He has the power to program energies and particles. He can compile them into systems and beings. He can also program Sub-Programmers, that the Middle Ages called ‘The Hierarchy of Angels’ to do the jobs that need to be done. Whenever He wants, He has the power to download what He has programmed.”

Neither traditionalists nor modernists can argue with that. But, modernists ask, “Why would He go to all that trouble?”

Catholic Fundamentalism answers: “He decided to program and download creatures with free will. If we humans could prove that He created all there is, then we wouldn’t have free will because we’d be forced to believe in Him. So, He had to write and download The Creation Program in such a way that we could not definitively prove to ourselves and to non-believers that He made it.”

Modernists reply: “How? How could He have that much power?”

Catholic Fundamentalism: “In the beginning of the the beginning, He programmed and downloaded the angels. We think of them as Sub-Programmers. They were the ones who did much of the lower-level programming and most of the downloading. We may see that part of one Hierarchy of Sub-Programmers was responsible for gasses. Another worked on liquids. Another did solids. One group handled plants. Another took care of invertebrates. An important platoon took on electricity. All the programs worked together, like a computer-generated cartoon or movie. Of course, The Creation Program is a couple of quadrillion times more complicated than that, and in three dimensions.”

Modernists wonder: “Where did this happen?”

Catholic Fundamentalists know. “It happened, and still goes on, at Programming HQ.”