Catholic Fundamentalists know more of what “Merry Christmas” means.

You and I are human programs.  We were lovingly written and downloaded by The Loving Programmer so that we might choose to have the joy of choosing to believe and obey, thereby attaining the happiness of Heaven forever.

The Creation Program is very large and complicated.   We live in a tiny part of a small galaxy downloaded within it.  Why do we live here?  This is the place He downloaded for us human programs.  

Why did He go to all that trouble?   He wanted each human program to freely choose.  We may believe that The Loving Programmer wrote and downloaded The Creation Program and we should obey Him.  Or, we may choose to believe that it came into being by itself, with the possibility of some sort of “guidance”.

Some of us human programs receive special Programming Assistance from The Loving Programmer.   The humble are blessed to understand that He wrote and downloaded The Creation Program.  We are led to realize that He copied and pasted variants of Galaxy Programs from one end of The Creation Program to the other. 

 We are perfectly free to believe in, and obey, Him.  Or, we may freely decide that there is no compelling reason to believe and obey.  If we have been blessed with belief, His Programming Assistants, angels, will lead us to access and download The Loving Programmer. 

The most blessed human programs will access and download The Loving Programmer directly, in the Sacrament of Communion.  They will be Roman Catholics, in communion with The Church to which Jesus most specifically referred when saying, “Thou art Peter.  On this rock, I build My Church.”

Most people in the world have varyingly vague ideas of what’s going on.  Catholic Fundamentalists have a deeper awareness of what’s going on more fully and see it in the depth of the words “Merry Christmas!”

Others, unfortunately, cannot experience as fully what “Merry Christmas” means.  The best thing we can do is pray that they will.   That means one thing:  We ask The Loving Programmer to download access to Him in every human program on earth.

That’s a big request.  It’s about as big a request as we can make, because it means that we want every human program in the whole Creation Program to be a Catholic in Communion with The Body of Christ on Earth.

Who, but the vain errors of corruption, would want us to be happy with anything less?

Asking for others’ souls to be saved helps us Catholic Fundamentlists to remember Who Jesus Christ is.  It also helps us remember to ask that our fellow human programs be led to realize how important Mary is.  If she had not freely chosen to do The Loving Programmer’s will, we could not have been saved.

He is the the Perfect Embodiment of The Creation Program.  He could only take human form in Mary, the most perfect of all the Programmed Entities, Mother Most Holy.  Within Her Blessed Womb, The Creation Program assumed human form and came among us.  Thanks to Mary, He taught, suffered, and died so that we, pitiful human programs that we are, could access The Loving Programmer through His Holy Body and Blood.

He loved us.  Do we want to be among those poor souls who choose not to believe and obey, despite the witness of the prophets and the blood of the martyrs?  Not if we want to attain the joys of Heaven, forever. 

We know we must believe.  And, obey.  And, pray that the world should know such joy.