Catholics ask a hard question:

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Catholics ask a hard question:   “Why do people leave The Only Church Jesus Founded?”   The Catholic Church teaches that abortion kills human minds and bodies.  Some birth control chemicals and devices destroy even tinier babies.   The Catholic Church says that “Anyone who helps another to procure an abortion is automatically excommunicated.”

The Only Church Jesus Founded also takes a hard line on the sanctity of marriage.

Many of the Marketing Plan Denominations are not as Pro-Life and Pro-Marriage.  Their marketing studies have discovered:  “Many Catholics use artificial birth control chemicals and devices that cause the tiniest of unborn babies to die.  Many reject Church teaching on Divorce, as well.  We tell them:  ‘Those who have personal reasons for abortion, abortion-inducing artificial birth control methods, and remarriages may be saved by Faith, Alone!   We are kinder and more understanding.’  That brings us many, many new donors!”

The choice is clear.   Those torn between protecting life and marriage will either obey The Only Church Jesus Founded or be unable to receive The Sacraments.

The Church obeys John 20:21 and Mt. 16: 18-20.  In those passages, Jesus tells His Apostles and those ordained in living link with them, “Those whose sins you forgive on earth are forgiven in Heaven.”   Willful, repeated sins are not as readily forgiven.  So, many leave.

Many Catholics who do not want to have children, or want remarriage(s), leave The Church for flexible Marketing Plan Denomination.  “Finally, we are freed from trying to save ourselves by works.  We are now in a kinder, more understanding denomination that cares more about us than about obeying some old-fashioned rules.  We are saved by faith!  And, we find a few passages in The Bible that say we are right.  We are saved by Some Scripture!   We feel sorry for those Catholics who still live in The Dark Ages!”

For many,  “The Dark Ages” are yet to come.