Catholics get with The Program!

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Catholics get with The Program!  To modern computer users, The Catholic Church is like a foreign country they don’t want to visit.  Immortal souls are at stake.

Explaining The Church is easier than we think.

People program movies with pixels on screens.  God programmed the universe with 3-D pixels.  He complied particles and energies into systems and beings.

What are we?  Each of us is a living, breathing, replicating “Free-Will Program”.  We write our lines and play the roles we choose.  We are each a star in The Big Movie!

God The Father is The Loving Programmer.

God The Son is The Fullness of The Creation Program.  He took human form to provide an opportunity to restore the corrupted programs of those who wanted to be better.

God The Holy Spirit is the “Verb” in the Creation Program.  He is Programming.

Today, we may relate to The Holy Trinity as The Loving Programmer, Program, and Programming!

The Program took human form.  He proved His Divine Nature by fulfilling, against trillions to one odds, specific prophecies written thousands of years before.  He was born in the predicted House, Tribe and village among a hundred thousand towns at the time prophesied by Daniel.

He was born of a virgin, and lifted up before men, bones visible, yet unbroken.  He was looked upon by those who pierced Him.  He allowed His Human Program to be painfully erased. His Resurrection allowed His obedient human programs to receive His Body and Blood, The Very Essence of Programmer, Program, and Programming, in every Catholic Mass since The Last Supper.

His obedient sheep are, thereby, saved from the corrupting virus.

Obedient Catholics program ourselves to be more obedient to Him.  We obey His clear call to download The Essence of God in Catholic Communion after our individual programs are cleansed from error by Confession.

We obey the clear call to Catholic Communion that He repeated fourteen times, “If you do not eat My Body and drink My Blood you do not have life in you.”

Catholics get with The Program!


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