Catholics connect to “The Cloud”.

Our computers are connected to a “cloud”.  Our computer sends messages to the “cloud” and back through “servers” and “routers”.  Computer users have no problem believing that the cloud, servers, and routers they have never seen are real.

We and our computers are dim reflections of God and His Saints and angels.  God appeared to Elijah as “a puff of gentle breeze” that we may imagine as “The Cloud”.  According to Elijah, “The Cloud” had the power to produce pulverizing forces that smashed mountains.

Catholics connect to “The Cloud”.  We are blessed to consider and compare our computer clouds with “The Cloud”.  It brought into being all of us who are so proud of our little “cloud”.  “The Cloud” works through angelic servers.

Each of our prayers is a tiny whisper we send into the “puff of gentle breeze”.   Each prayer is like a tiny puff of smoke blown into a towering cumulus cloud.  Every day, billions of our tiny puffs go to “The Cloud”.

Praying is how we send a message to “The Cloud”.   “God, please give me _____.”

He sends an answer back.  Often, it goes right over our head.

After a lifetime of messages back and forth, our soul will leave our spirit, mind, and body.  It will go to Judgment.

If our messages here were stained with sin, we will be sent to eternal agony.

We want our soul to get to “The Cloud” and live in light, peace, and joy forever.  So, while on earth, we pray.  The smarter we are, the more we pray.  When we do, our soul sends a message on its own, special wavelength to “The Cloud”.

We cry “Please, help me get to Heaven.”  Catholics are blessed to see the path provided when “The Cloud” took human form and came to earth:  “Verily, verily I say unto you thou art Peter and on this rock I build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. I give you the keys to The Kingdom of Heaven.”