Catholics love life. Others, not so much.

-c01231d85ef161b6.jpg    pro choice clergy at abortion clinic Ohio

The Church Jesus Founded teaches:  “Life is to be protected from the moment of conception to natural death.”  Catholics are taught to protect unborn life.   Catholics love life.  Others, not so much.

Catholics know that each human life began as an ova the size of a small grain of salt.  A sperm cell?  Two grains of talcum powder.

Each of us was once the size of one grain of salt and two grains of talcum powder.  God packs those cells with molecules of DNA from our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents, all the way back to Adam and Eve.  God made molecules that turn into men who can move mountains if their parents let them!

At conception, the new, littlest person comes into being.

Many avoid thinking about him or her.  “I do not want to know that artificial birth control chemicals and implants work by killing my own children.   They spend money to keep their tiny babies from growing.  “I would rather kill my child than be bothered.”

Powerful agencies of Babylon see death as a duty.  “If those taxpayers have children, they won’t be working and paying taxes.  We must convince them that it’s their duty to kill their own children and “enjoy life”.  We’ll make them worry about ‘overpopulation!’ and ‘the environment!’.  We will make life seem worse than death.”

Many are led to believe that Babylon’s Imaginary Problems are real.  “There is no higher calling than to reduce the number of people!” spews from death’s disciples atop ziggurats in every land.

Those who hate life hate The Church Jesus Founded.  Despite dungeon and death, Catholics, and two or three of the 45,000 Protestant denominations, love their unborn neighbors enough to insist:  “Life is to be protected from the moment of conception to natural death.”

Catholics shudder at the thought:  “Do the immortal souls of the babies we have kept from life sit on our jury at Judgment?”