Catholics realize: “We are all Indians.”


During the long stretches of peace, Governments invent imaginary enemies to increase their power.  As the Cold War drew to a close, “Global Freezing!” became the “alarm du jour”.

That was quickly replaced with “Global Warming!”   When that lost credibility, the ever-present enemy of “Climate Change!” was invented.  Humanity is divided among those who take such things seriously and those who understand:   “Governments need excuses to justify raising taxes.”

Tribes of Indians provided America’s earliest need for Government Intervention.  “We need to stop those vicious Pequot Indians from killing us!” cried Pilgrims who’d taken their lands and wanted to keep the Pequot from retaking it.

They urged ancient enemies of the Pequot,  the Delawares, to “Help us get rid of those evil Pequot!”   In a few years, land-grabbers pushed West and settled on Delaware lands.  The more Westerly Iroquois were befriended by gifts of the new necessities, iron axes, brass kettles, and guns.  “We’ll give you gifts if you help us get rid of those Delawares!  We will be your friends, forever!”  The process of using ancient Tribal conflicts to gain ground continued past California to the Philippines.

Now, American citizens are the “New Indians”.  We are divided among 45,000 competing Protestant “Tribes”.  We are unable to stop the dealers of death.  Abortion, “The War on Drugs”, oppressive taxes,  and paralyzing legislation about ever-smaller levels of “pollution” are depopulating America.

If Indians had been able to unite and put aside their Tribal differences, those who sought to destroy them would have been pushed back to Europe.

Abortion kills a million unborn babies a year.  Impoverishing taxation, especially on their homes, stops families from growing.  If all who knew History were Catholic, we would win the fight for life and freedom.

Instead, we are being picked off, one by one as The Culture of Death divides and destroys us.  Catholics realize:  “We are all Indians.”