Catholics respect God’s Hierarchy of Heaven.

Catholics know that every mind is a little world.  Our thoughts move through the atoms and electrons of our memory molecules.  We are not alone!  Tiny angels, like loving, living electrons, guide us to save our soul.  Destroying demons draw souls to eternal pain.  Catholics respect God’s Hierarchy of Heaven.

The Only Church Jesus Founded tells us there are nine “Choirs of Angels” in God’s Hierarchy of Heaven.  Our individual Guardian Angels are with us, full-time.   They get help from others when needed.

Catholic Fundamentalism suggests that there are seven tribes of demons.  We imagine a staircase with descending steps.  Pride opens the door to Envy.  Envy calls us to Greed.  Demons of Greed swell that sin into Gluttony.  Gluttony moves us to Anger as we see how repugnant we have become.  Anger leads us to Lust, distracting us from our own destruction by dragging down others.  Then, Lust leads to Sloth, and the trapdoor opens.

We remember the names of the demon tribes with the acronym, PEGGALS.  When we sense them tempting us, we remember what He Who Fulfilled The Prophecies said to do.  The Lord’s Prayer includes “Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.”

All Christians are blessed with enough sense to make that prayer.  Catholics respect the Hierarchy of Heaven.  We show our respect for God by finding and asking Angelic and Saintly Specialists in Heaven to ask God to help us with our specific problems.

When Catholics sense temptation from the demons of PEGGALS, we ask for help from Specialists.  “Please, St. _____, ask God to help me resist this temptation.”  God appreciates Catholics who respect God’s Hierarchy of Heaven.

Catholics don’t want our requests for assistance lost in the swirling cloud of prayers from ego-maniacs so vain to think “I will deal directly with God!”

Such prayers usually go to the bottom of the pile.  Requests that go through the proper channels tend to be handled most expeditiously.   So, Catholics respect God’s Hierarchy of Heaven.